Brian Chuk.
Brian Chuk
Multidisciplinary software engineer.
Hello there,

My name is Brian Chuk. I'm a New York native, StuyCS alumnus, and hackNY 2015 Fellow. I'm in my last year at New York University where I study Computer Science.

I am primarily a full-stack developer with some experience in Android and hardware programming. I started teaching myself how to code by building drones and robots from complete scratch in high school. Since then, I've worked on several projects in C++, Javascript, Python, Java, and Ruby.

In my last internship, I did a solo project where I built a version history system for a customer-facing website builder. It would save all changes to all websites every 10 minutes, and enable customers to revert to a previous version of their website at any point of time.

Using computational geometry and computer vision, I implemented new product features for Shaper as a software intern. I've worked for Syncano as a developer evangelist, and for Betterpath as a software intern. In Betterpath, I developed new pages in React and created an automated integration web tester in Selenium & Ruby.

I am a hackathon veteran—you might see me on a weekend mentoring other hackers or giving talks/workshops.

Currently, I'm looking for summer internships in 2018.

I enjoy a good cup of matcha, bouldering, reading, skateboarding, & woodworking. On warm nights, I like to head out to play on this dusty, old, outdoor pool table right by the Hudson River.